History: The Plaques


In a circular series below the murals are plaques setting forth utterances of the Sage of the Dominican Order, St. Thomas Aquinas. These artistically framed plaques of green marble are lettered in gold. Inserted alternately with them are ornamental brooches re-echoing the symbolism of the murals. Each plaque bears a complete principle, simple and indubitable. Clockwise about the circle, we read:

  1. "God is the greatest good"
  2. "What is of faith cannot be false"
  3. "Science begets and nourishes faith"
  4. "All science is derived from self-evident principles"
  5. "God is the principle of all being"
  6. "Rational creatures are masters of their own acts"
  7. "God's Will is the cause of goodness in things"
  8. "Truth is the equation of thought and thing"
  9. "All learning results from pre-existing knowledge"
  10. "To think is the proper operation of man"
  11. "Grace is more perfect than nature"
  12. "The formal object of faith is the first Truth"

These basic principles are representative of the education fostered at Marywood.

The coloring of this circle is one of reticent harmonies and cool tones, reserved decoration that affords an agreeable transition to the murals of the mezzanine floor. In the medallions from left to right are Pope Pius X, Bishop O'Reilly, and Pope Pius XI.