Guest Requirements

Residence Life

University Housing Policies

Failure to observe these and all other regulations described in the University Calendar/Student Handbook, the Resident Handbook, the Residence Hall Housing and Dining Agreement, or other documentation may result in disciplinary charges, fees, and/or other actions.

Guest Requirements

A guest is welcome in a University facility to visit a specific person at the invitation of that resident. Guests may also be invited by the building staff or University officials for specific events that take place in that facility. Guests must comply with the following regulations when visiting the residence halls:

  • Guests must be escorted at all times by a resident host while in the building;

  • Guests must sign-in and register, a photo ID may be required, upon entering the building and sign-out upon departure from the residence hall. The resident of the building must be present to sign in the guest;

  • Guests must enter the building through the designated entrance;

  • Residents are responsible for their guest's behaviors and for educating their guests about University expectations;

  • Overnight same sex guests, limited to two per resident, can visit up to two consecutive nights in the assigned room of the host. Same sex guests will be considered an overnight guest if they sign in after visitation hours or have not signed out by 5 a.m.

  • Advance consent of all residents of the room is required.


    The University reserves the right to deny access to any guest, especially if it has been determined that such person has disturbed, endangered, or disrupted the activities of any resident.