Entry and Searches

Residence Life

The University respects a resident student's right to privacy in his/her living area. In addition, each student is responsible for conducting himself/herself in accordance with University policies and regulations in order to support a strong community. As a result, it will be necessary at times for authorized University personnel to enter student rooms and conduct searches. In cases involving civil authorities, the requirements for lawful search must be followed.

Room Entry

The University reserves the right to enter students' living areas to respond to emergencies, to perform routine maintenance work, to maintain an environment that ensures the health, safety and welfare of all residents, and to enforce University policies and/or federal, state, and local laws and regulations.


With appropriate prior authorization from the Assistant Vice President for Student Life or designee, searches may be conducted:

  • On students and their possessions while on University property;
  • Within University housing, other campus structures, and their contents.
  • Potential reasons for authorized searches include, but are not limited to:
    • Indication that University regulations and/or federal, state, local laws are being violated; 
    • Indication that danger to Marywood community members exists;
    • Indication that a student cannot be located for an extended period of time.