Overall Organization Goals

  1. Create more efficient avenues for communication between students, faculty, and the university.
  2. Continue to invite University officials to Student Government Association General Assembly Meetings.
  3. Assist the Student Activities Crew in the annual Marywood Madness event.
  4. Advertise to the student body what SGA is as well as what SGA stands for and to more clearly define our role in the University.
  5. Implement New Club/Organization funding regulations.

Goals Accomplished in the 2015-2016 Academic Year

    1. Increased the "free period" time on Wednesdays from 3pm to 4pm to also include Mondays from 3pm to 4pm.
    2. Worked with V-P for Academic Affairs and the Registrar to implement a long-term plan to ensure that students will be able to view course offerings a minimum of two semesters prior to when the courses will be offered.
    3. Purchased new water bottle fill station in Nazareth Hall and the Center for Athletics & Wellness.
    4. Amended the Bad Weather policy to be more conducive to commuter students.
    5. Purchased new tables, chairs and couches for the Fireplace Lounge to increase student activity in the space.
    6. Implemented "What Do You Want Wednesday"s.  The first Wednesday of each month, SGA creates a booth in the Learning Commons to openly discuss student concerns and changes they feel should be made.
    7. Addressed concerns about the PAC and the music department.  The Maintenance Department will be renovating a room in the PAC and will purchase more lockers for students.
    8. Worked with the Maintenance Department to remove the smoking butt huts and build/distribute more recycling receptacles around campus.
    9. Continued to implement the University mascot by recruiting, interviewing and hiring interested students for Fall and Spring semesters.
    10. Purchased and installed a new volleyball net behind Madonna Hall.
    11. Relocation of bike racks from Loughran Hall to near Nazareth Hall.
    12. Hosted a volleyball tournament to increase student and faculty engagement.
    13. Implemented initiatives for increased awareness of SGA through Facebook groups (1032 friends), Social Media Raffles and meeting initiatives.

    Goals for the 2016-2017 academic year will be chosen during annual training in August 2016.

    Want us to work on something you feel is important?  Let us know!

    Contact us at sga@m.marywood.edu