Academic Success Office LAC 223
Admissions LAC 120
African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) EMH 101
Aquatics Center
Architectural Studies Computer Lab CAS 203
Athletics & Wellness Classrooms
Atrium Diner MCGP 1FL
Baseball Field
Black Box Theatre
Bookstore NSC 1FL
Campus Ministry SCSL
Campus Safety NSC TER
Career Services LAC 224
Cashier LAC 87
Center for Athletics and Wellness Computer Lab MCAW 1FL
Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes
Cloud Room CAS 251
Comerford Theatre
Community Garden
Conference & Event Services SCSL 152
Conference Center SCSL A, B, C, D, E
Curriculum Lab & Library MCGP 2025
Financial Aid Office LAC 85
Fireplace Lounge NSC 1FL
Flight Simulator
Game Room
Grass Field
Green Roof
Hall of Fame / Conference Room MCAW 2FL
Healthy Families Center Computer Lab OCHF 207
Healthy Families Classrooms
Housing & Residence Life DCEC
Human Physiology Lab MCAW 102
Human Resources LAC 86
IHM: Heartworks Gift Boutique
IHM: The Bistro
Insalaco Arena
International Affairs LAC 220
Kresge Gallery
Latour Room
Liberal Arts Center Classrooms
Liberal Arts Center Computer Lab LAC 221
Liguori Center
Loughran Hall Computer Lab LOH TER
Lynett Board Room
Lynett Multimedia Room MED 160
Lynett-Haggerty Fitness Center MCAW
Mahady Art Gallery SCVA
Main Dining Room
Marian Chapel
Marketing & Communications LAC 63
Maslow Study Gallery SCVA
McGowan Center Classrooms
McGowan Center Computer Labs MCGP 1052, 1056, 1057
McGowan Community Room SCSL A
Meditation Garden
Memorial Arch
Military and Veteran Services Office BEH
Movie Theatre
Multipurpose Synthetic Turf Field
Nazareth Computer Lab NSC 2FL
Our Lady Victory Shrine
Performing Arts Center Classrooms
Performing Arts Center Computer Labs SCPA 102, 225
President's House 2208 Adams Ave
President's Office IMH 107
Psychological Services Center MCGP 1009
Radio Station 91.7 VMFM
Reflection Room LAC 219
Regina Conference Rooms
Registrar LAC 90-92
School of Architecture Classrooms
Science Center Classrooms
Science Center Computer Labs
Sette LaVerghetta Theatre SCPA
Softball Field
Southeast Lawn
Speech & Hearing Clinic MCGP 1087, 1092, 1094-1098
Student Activities & Leadership Development NSC 107
Student Health Services LOH TER
Studio Arts Center Computer Lab ICSA 252
Studio Arts Classrooms
Suraci Art Gallery SCVA
Tennis Courts
Theresa Maxis Conference Center
Tree Stadium
TV-Marywood LC Terrace
Upper Main Dining Room NSC 1FL
Visual Arts Center Computer Labs SCVA 128, 135, 136
Visual Arts Classrooms
Wall Street West Financial Lab