Marywood University Policies and Procedures Manual


Purpose and Scope

The Maryood University Policies and Procedures Manual is a repository of formally approved and current expressions of administrative philosophy and direction.  As such, it provides the Marywood community with guidance and assistance in the conduct of University affairs.

The Manual contains policies and procedures that are generally applicable to more than one department or affect one or more constituencies within the University.  Internal operational procedures of a single office are not within the scope of the Manual.

Policies and procedures contained in the Manual are official documents.  They are fully effective until changed by applicable Marywood University actions.


Policies are guiding or governing principles, formally approved to provide assistance in the conduct of University affairs.

Procedures are statements that provide for the orderly implementation of established policies through prescribed specific actions to be taken.


The President of the University, as Chief Executive Officer, approves policy statements for implementation.  Such statements are consistent with policies adopted by the Board of Trustees and are within the limits established by the Board.

The Policy Committee of the University, serving in an advisory capacity, reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the President.

Individuals and groups in the Marywood community identify the need for a new policy or revision of an existing one.

Administrators participate in the development process and assure adherence to approved polciies and procedures by personnel within their areas of organization.

The Office of Secretary of the University serves as the Office of Policies and Procedures to provide the necessary administrative support and direction in the development, approval, and dissemination of policies and procedures.

The Secretary of the University is responsible for the maintenance of the Marywood University Policies and Procedures Manual.

Organization and Distribution of the Manual

The Marywood University Policies and Procedures Manual is divided into major sections; however, a given policy may be appropriately placed in multiple sections, in which case it is listed in the Table of Contents more than once. 

The copy on the Marywood University website is the official text of the Maryood University Policies and Procedures ManualHard copies of the Manual are not distributed.